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Lara Marjerrison | INSIDE STORIES | Storytelling

Eliciting courage. Expanding choice. Enabling change.


In a world that strives daily to crush your spirit and coerce you into conformity, being unapologetically yourSELF, fully integrated, is the ultimate, punk-rock, radical act of badassery. In enthusiastic conservation of badassery everywhere, I am an agent of change--personal change and social change.


People come to me to acquire the tools needed to live into their full human potential, using storytelling as the medium.


Sharing Inside Stories creates an opportunity for individuals to be met by community, acknowledged, seen, celebrated, and enabled to express themselves in their own voice on their own terms, sometimes for the first time. 


I believe that fully expressed human beings are better equipped to make their contribution in the world. My goal is to help you get there.


"I love your guts." ~elemem




I began my career as a workshop facilitator in 2007 integrating methodologies from my training in Vedantic philosophy, Gestalt process, and numerous personal development models, with my passion for art, creative writing, and self-expression. When I began to delve into the world of public speaking and live storytelling, the guts of it clicked into place for me. Since then my approach has evolved. Storytelling became the medium and means by which to go deeper into my own work and that of my clients. 


“I realized that the words are the only thing in my life that truly stood the test of time. I don’t save tchotchkes. I don't care much for trinkets. But I have saved over the years, in various boxes and vessels, every word I’ve ever written and many belonging to others as well. From my point of view, stories are all that really exist, within us, between us, around us. It is our interpretation and interaction with them, how we tap into, experience, and express them, that determines the shape and quality of our lives. Stories create empathy, understanding, and the possibility to see things from another perspective. I believe our shared stories serve to create a better world from which each of us can benefit." ~elemem (that's me!)


Inside Stories is my way of effecting change, standing for social justice, and being unapologetically myself. I invite you to dive into your own stories, to boldly (or vulnerably) share them with the world and see what happens.

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