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Life of Hope Foundation

Hello, my name is Anike Stella Onile, founder of Life of Hope Foundation. My journey began when I visited a youth shelter and realized an increasingly level of crimes and high school dropouts among our youth. I was also shocked and saddened to witness the number of our youth who have University degree or College diploma, but are without a job. The less privileged in the world are neglected with no help or assistance from the government and when I visited orphanage centers in Nigeria tears trodden down my face due to lack of care. But, there is hope; we can help and give a hand of light. It calls for a new strategy, or perhaps a cry for help. Immediately, I knew that something must be done or someone must intervene on their behalf quickly. The youth needs to be rescued, given a hope or life skill in order to have a sustainable employment and be free of heavy reliance on government assistance. Yes, it’s our responsibility to care and help the poor.