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Lindy Eastman Certified Group Facilitator and Intimacy Coach

Hi my name is Lindy Eastman,

When I kindly tell you NO, dont take it looking after me. I want you to feel the same way.

Communication is a needed and necessary part of our everyday lives. Without it there is no structure, or stability. Without it here is confusion, and chaos. The Cuddle Party Rules are a concept you will learn in a intimate group setting, learning about boundaries. This course is for everyone, it is someone like myself that likes to experience different things. Likes to be surprised, likes something that I can walk away from and use. Put to the test immediately. I was able to do this here.

There is more to life than positive can not will the weeds to leave your garden. It takes work. Actually life has rules and boundaries once in place your life becomes easier, simplier, and more postive. 

This can be a unique experience for Couples trying to reconnect. Singles and those of you that have chosen to bring a date  or friend to discover and find out early how to discover the likes and dislikes of each other through touch, affection or learning to say No to one thing and Yes to something else. Not participating in the fun activities is also participating too. Obervation is allowed. Come and meet some great people, learn to socialize in a safe and accepting enviroment.   

How does this work??? youll have to come and play to find out.

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