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Lisa Kathleen of Full Circle Parenting

Are you a conscious, proactive parent, wanting to grow with your child?

Would you like to know, in your heart, that you are doing the right things to help your child develop more self-confidence, respect, joy, interdependence, and mental and emotional health, long-term

Would you like to feel confident that the strong connection you are building with your child right now will support you and your child through the teen years and beyond?

Full Circle Parenting works with parents who want to focus on long-term, relationship-building solutions that are key for their children’s development as they are working through discipline, sleep, potty-training, school choices, food, or other issues with their children.  They want to focus on the joy and fun in parenting, but sometimes feel stuck.

Many of the parents we work with feel uncomfortable with some recommended parenting practices, such as leaving babies to cry themselves to sleep, or using time-outs, or reward systems to teach skills or values, but they don't know how to do things another way.  They sometimes feel like they are spending more time in a power struggle than they are enjoying being a parent. 

The parents we work with don't want to be authoritarian, or permissive, and they DO want to clarify their own beliefs about parenting, and formulate a plan to address specific issues AND nurture their relationship with their child. 

Call 403-607-1463 now to get to know us, or to book your parenting coaching session.

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