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Live Free with Passion and Claim YOUR Destiny Life Coaching

Nansey Sinclaire is a Inspirational Speaker, Published Author, Life Coach and Entrepreneur.

The life of Nansey Sinclaire, [formerly Nancy Battye] is a testament to the power of resilience, compassion and  gratitude . 

Adopted in Argentina, twice divorced, and a  single mother of three -- including twins in wheelchairs with cerebral palsy,  Nansey knows firsthand what it takes to ‘survive’ in life without giving up. 

Nansey's  'attitude of gratitude' and deep understanding of living up to one's true potential, make her a guiding light on your path to living the life you were meant to live.  With her enthusiasm and dedication to the power of positive thought, she is the spark that will ignite you on your path to living life fully, in the moment, and with passion.

When not speaking or teaching, Nansey loves spending time with her children, training her hounds Cooper and Chica, and providing love and fun to her numerous pet sitting clients.

Her Mission statement:" to raise the level of compassion and kindness throughout the world by supporting others to see the greatness that lies within themselves " ........Nansey Sinclaire


Lisa Mactinosh is a Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author, Life Coach and Law Of Attraction Coach. 

Lisa was a young, struggling and widowed mother, who found her true calling by easing others out of dead-end jobs and into lives lived fully with no regrets.

Lisa has an overwhelming desire to help people realize how precious life is, encouraging them to use their time to do what makes them happy and excited to get up every morning. She has a passion to help heal people with her heart-centered stories. Her life experiences inspire and help others improve the quality of their own lives. After the sudden death of her first husband, Lisa’s mission is to teach others how precious life is and how imperative it is to do what your heart cries out to do.

 Lisa is the person to see. She will assist you to transform your life by helping you push past your limiting beliefs and stand inside your greatness. 

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