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Live Life Happy: Andrea Seydel

Andrea Seydel "Well-Being Coach"

Andrea Seydel’s vision is to empower, teach and transform the lives of others and as a result be a catalyst for positivity and happiness in the world. She is a Positive Psychology Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and Certified Life Coach. 


Andrea is one of the leading presenters in the field of positive psychology education for self-development, resilience training and mind power for peak performance. 


Andrea has directly impacted the lives of many people, with her Happiness Tours, Best-Selling Books, Life Coaching Services, and Yoga classes. Andrea is the founder and creator of LLH Publishing House, WISP (Well-Being In-School Support Program) and Live Life Happy Tours, where she teaches, entertains and infuses the skills people need to be Resilient and Happy. 


What began as a young person’s enthusiasm for life, happiness, and the strong desire to make people smile has grown into Andreas’ life long devotion to inspiring individuals to transform their lives with mental power, positive communication and life balance. 


Andrea holds a degree in Psychology from York University and has post graduate studies in Applied Positive Psychology. Through her early work as a nutritionist, in weight loss and life coaching, she discovered a widespread need for psychological support around self-efficacy, effective thinking strategies and communication. Andrea is also trained in Non-Violent Communication and Suicide Intervention First Aid. She is a pround member and contributor to the Canadian Positive Psychology Association and other various organizations. 


Her enthusiasm and passion, for helping people find ways to be effective, happy and balanced, combined with her health and fitness knowledge make self enhancement almost contagious. Andrea is affectionately called “sunshine” by her friends, participants and clients. 


Despite many of her own obstacles and challenges, Andrea continues to follow her passion to live life happy and spends much of her life helping others find there own strength, courage and power to do the same. Her guiding message through her life has been that every dark cloud has a silver lining. She knows life is NOT perfect, but believes everyone can find the silver lining! 


When Andrea is not out having fun, spreading well-being and enthusiasm, she enjoys her family, rescue dogs, travelling and the simple pleasures of life. She also devotes time towards her dedicated yoga practice where she finds balance and humble gratitude.

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