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LolaSue is the giddy excitement you feel when you're about to try something new.  It's the comfort of familiarity when you're surrounded by your favourite people.  It's the fuzziness you get when you've enjoyed a couple of drinks. And; LolaSue is the pride that swells up in you when you've created something with your own two hands.


Wanting to bring a new event to the city that answers the question "what should we do tonight?" LolaSue, Craft & Games Night, was born.


Gabriela Asenjo has come up with events that allows the kid in you to run wild while the adult in you unwinds after a hard day's work by bringing together the crafts she loved as a kid to a setting made for adults. 


Free of judgement, full of encouragement, and getting into to the spirit while sipping some spirits, our events are about meeting up with friends, having a drink, and revisiting the things we loved as kids.

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