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Wanting to bring a new event into the city that answers the question "what should we do tonight?" LolaSue, Craft & Games Night, was born.


Gabriela Asenjo has come up with events that allows the kid in you to run wild while the adult in you unwinds after a hard day's work by bringing together the crafts she loved as a kid to a setting made for adults. 


Free of judgement, full of encouragement, and getting into to the spirit while sipping some spirits, our events are about meeting up with friends, having a drink, and revisiting the things we loved as kids.


Our goal at LolaSue is to bring out the best parts of being a kid with the cooler parts of being an adult.  Through a variety of craft events and classic game nights, we celebrate the best part of who you were and who you are.  


Whether you're a group of friends looking for something new to do, a budding romance looking for a casual setting to get to know each other, or someone who just needs to get out of the house for  a couple of hours - LolaSue will deliver.


So, come out and join us to raise a glass to an evening with friends, music, and crafts.


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