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Made IN Toronto Festival

Made IN Toronto (MINT) Festival officially began in March 2011 to promote Toronto documentary filmmakers, musicians, and speakers, connecting them to new audiences through inspiring environmental and socially themed events. Made IN Toronto has produced over 15 live events and seminars since its inception on a wide range of topics featuring acclaimed artists and entertainers such as Jackie Richardson, Sterling Jarvis, MTV Warm Act and Host Derek Forgie and Silver Elvis along with Toronto filmmakers Lalita Krishna, Paul Saltzman, Liz Marshall and Summer Love to name a few. The festival has been endorsed by the Council Of Canadians Chair Maude Barlow and Polaris Institute Executive Director Tony Clarke.  10% of every MINT ticket sold supports Toronto filmmakers, musicians and artists who make a measurable social and environmental impact in their community and the world at large.   |  |

Sorry, there are no upcoming events