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Maggie Janovski

Maggie is an intuitive channel, clairsentient, claircognizant, HSP, empath, writer, DNA activator, shadow worker, plant medicine enthusiast and introvert with extroverted tendencies. She is a student of multiple practitioners of spirituality, the Michael Harner School for Shamanic Studies and the Edison Institute of Nutrition, has been a Shamanic apprentice for several years and has studied spirituality, traditional Hermetic philosophy and holistic based health for over 15 years, both while living abroad in Switzerland, as well as Toronto, Canada, her current home. She is currently here to help usher in the New Earth for all Beings of Light. She is taking clients at her above website for several modalities and is the process of launching courses over the next year.

You can also reach Maggie at her Instagram page at maggie_intuitive_healing

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