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Malia Indigo Corporation is a premier media and international directory platform that offers high-end services in plus-size fashion, modeling, and exposure. With the rapidly increasing demand for “all things plus-sized”, Malia indigo targets this demographic in a revolutionary way, creating a space that has, for far too long, been non-existent for plus-sized individuals. Although founded in Canada and registered under the Canada Business Corporation Act, Malia Indigo Corporation curates an accessible online database that allows International users to benefit from the top-tier plus-size services that contribute to career and personal enhancement.

Malia Indigo Corporation targets a multiplicity of users. Designers, stylists, actors, models, make-up artists, bloggers, photographers and fashion businesses represent a small list of the plus-size demographic that represents the company’s clients. International users benefit from the ongoing online exposure that derives from the publication, sharing and distribution of portfolios, businesses, and similar bodies of work. Local users beside of the ongoing online exposure can benefit from fashion shows and networking events that facilitate career-growth, building connections, and educational discourse.

At Malia Indigo Corporation beauty is packaged in plus-size. While the goal of the company is to cultivate a reliable plus-size community in an industry of sameness, it is imperative that every user and client recognize that they are beautiful and they are enough. With this platform, Malia Indigo Corporation hopes to increase access, catapult careers, and make the plus-size discourse a transcendental one.

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