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Man Expeditions Worldwide

Man Expeditions is an adventure travel club for men from all over the globe who are looking to adventure travel with other like-minded guys while supporting local communities and wildlife rehabilitation efforts at the same time. The Leaders at Man Expeditions plan custom expeditions one year in advance which include a "hands on" opportunity for our members to get involved with our wildlife conservation and environmental research efforts through our affiliated animal welfare organizations. The goals of this club are:

  • To help raise awareness for our affiliated Animal Welfare Charity partners through our adventure travels which are supported by our media sponsors to elevate PR and social media awareness for the cause.
  • To help bring us like-minded guys together from all of the world and to build new meaningful friendships.
  • To provide a platform and support group for our members who are looking to challenge themselves in new ways, who are looking to overcome hardships in life and/or to challenge any fears/phobias which have held them back in the past. 
  • To provide a safe place where members can embrace their true selves without judgement.  
  • To provide adventure travel experiences for our members that feel completely removed from the material world. No negative news, no emails, no radio, no cell phones, no media, no advertising or branding will be exposed on our trips. The goal is to achieve a complete sense of solitude away from the daily drain of the material world. This is a time to self-reflect, grow, set new goals, give back to the community and learn from those around you.​​​​​​​




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