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MethodSquared | Kai Chu

Kaishin Chu

Empathy Cultivator. Curiosity Conductor. Change Activator


We empower people and business with empathy based problem solving using design-thinking and service design. We're passionate about transformation of mindset, cultivating skillsets & methodolgies, increasing engagment to innovate, and helping clients to solve the knowing-doing gap. We provide consultations, design & facilitate experiential workshops, design sprints, and coaching. We believe in supporting clients for long term professional and personal growth through learning by doing opportunities.

Innov8 Collective 

MethodSquared's collaborative community made possible by a dedicated supporters who provide their time and efforts to foster social and hands-on learning events to bring design thinkers together to grow and create for good. Our team contributes as volunteer co-hosts for non-profit events to learn and share their expertise through practicing collaborative leadership.


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