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MHCSS (Margaret’s), Inc.

Commonly known as 'Margaret's Housing & Community Support Services,' MARGARET'S is a well-regarded registered charity in Canada.  For more than 30 years, the organization had empowered individuals with mental health issues to build and reclaim their lives.  Since opening its door in 1984, MARGARET'S has expanded its housing continuum and range of support services offered to challenged individuals in four key areas: Housing, Healthcare, Support, and Justice.   Many of the support services are available to women and men, while the crisis, transitional, congregate and kinship housing programs are exclusively for women.  Individuals who use MARGARET’S services have a wide variety of diagnoses and require additional support to live in the community successfully. 

The majority of the clients we serve are often marginalized and experience poverty, stigma and live with complex issues including mental illness, physical health problems, addictions, and trauma.  When leaving incarceration or a mental health hospital after treatment, these individuals are faced with very limited options, especially if they have already lost their employment, their families and their home.  They are rootless and face a future of homelessness and loneliness.  Being in this situation can result in an endless cycle of hospitalizations and incarceration.  MARGARET’S staff work tirelessly with individuals to end this cycle and to empower them to recover, reclaim and rebuild their lives and move forward.

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