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Mindful Mother Doula Services

Mindful Mother Doula Services is the passion and vision of mother/daughter duo Cheri and Becky Purpur. Both women have spent years working with birthing families. In their work they have learned that one of the most important tools for doulas and birthing parents is to have practiced and gained mastery of personal mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the practice of developing an increased level of personal awareness by mastering the art of paying attention, intentionally, without judgement.

We believe that teaching mindfulness to new parents can have a profound effect on their experience of the journey they are about to embark upon.

So many of the experiences of pregnancy, birthing and parenting can not be planned or predicted but can be either accepted or resisted. Mindfulness teaches us to observe and accept without judgement or resistance. Cheri and Becky are also passionate about teaching and sharing their reverence for the processes of pregnancy, birth and new parenting with others.

Something that we feel is missing in the training available to many doulas is the role of an active mentor. When we look at how other birth professionals are trained we clearly see that the mentorship style of education is the longstanding model. When working with birthing families the nuances of care must be observed and experienced under the wing of a mentor.

Through Mindful Mother Doula Services Becky and Cheri are thrilled to begin offering doula education, training and mentorship.

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