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Mira Lauren and Sandy Rutherford

Sandy Rutherford is a top Success and Mindset Coach working with Bob Proctor, facilitating and coaching one of his most powerful and life altering programs called Thinking Into Results.

Sandy is passionately committed to helping everyone she can achieve extraordinary results in their lives! She will help you understand:

- how powerful your mind is and how you can truly use it to dramatically impact your results

- you are not achieving your goals because there is a mismatch between your beliefs, self-image and behaviours and the success you desire

- You ABSOLUTELEY CAN achieve the success you desire - you are phenomenally talented, with unlimited potential! The success that lies within your reach, RIGHT NOW, is enough to stagger the mind!

- Thinking Into Results is the most powerful Success Program in the world, a time tested and proven program that has changed the lives of millions all around the world. It that aligns beliefs, behaviours, self-image etc with the success you desire. You will absolutely accelerate towards your goal  - the results are stunning!

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