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musica intima

“…one of Canada’s most astonishing musical exports.” Fanfare Magazine


Internationally renowned for their warm and engaging stage presence, impeccable musicianship, and unique perspective on ensemble singing, musica intima has earned a reputation as Canada’s most exciting vocal ensemble. Lloyd Dykk of the Vancouver Sun says “the flexibility and agility that are a function of their small size is partly what makes them so exciting.” But what makes musica intima truly unique is that they rehearse, perform and function as a collective. In rehearsal, they exchange ideas freely while exploring their own musical creativity. In performance, they engage the audience with a spontaneity and directness all their own. 


musica intima released six recordings with the ATMA label including clear (2002), invocation (2004), forgotten peoples (2006), o nata lux (2008), and their latest effort into light (2010) which won Classical Recording of the Year (2010) at the Western Canadian Music Awards, was nominated for two Juno awards, and received a 10-star review in BBC Music Magazine - and 20  (2012) which acts as a "greatest hits" album commemorating their two decades. Two earlier releases have received nominations, including Juno-nominated disc musica intima (1998) and CBC records release nativité (2002), also nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award.

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