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Nicholas and Kasia

We each draw from a variety of ancient wisdom teachings. Those teachings brought us together at Machu Picchu, Peru, where our personal and spiritual journey began. We do our best to integrate these teachings into our professional lives. 


Kasia offers her services to individuals and families through her practice, Diamond Willoway. Nicholas works with groups, projects and businesses through his company, Building Dreams.


As we approach every Summer Solstice, we try to find a special way to celebrate the gift that the Sun is, to ignite our intent moving forward in all aspects of life.


Munay Despacho


We're happy to share this Despacho Ceremony with you, having learned from the Peruvian Q'ero elder medicine men and women (shaman) over the years. We feel that these ancient teachings have great value in our modern world.


Despacho Ceremonies offer an opportunity to celebrate life, to express joy and creativity while dreaming your world into being – we welcome you to join us!


Nicholas Mariano and Kasia  

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