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NRBC Inc & Africa Expert Forum


NRBC -  What we do:

We are a business advisory and investment management firm registered federally in Canada, doing business in Africa. We offer a range of business solutions from capital raising, and capital structuring, to corporate organizational development and business governance support to start ups, and emerging market branch offices for companies.

We match investors with interesting and viable investment opportunities, and at the same time we capital raise for small and medium businesses doing business in Africa.

Our Area Of Focus:

  • Exempt market dealer advice and consultancy.
  • Capital raising for issuers and investor relations management for investors and business owners.
  • Business advisory services related to capital raising, capital structuring and corporate organizational development and commercialization.
  • Attracting international accredited investors to invest in African businesses.

We are entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurs to meet the challenge of scaling African businesses. We want to bridge the business-investor gap by identifying opportunities in the diaspora and forging synergies with respective returnees to countries on the African Continent.

Our Value Proposition:

  • We understand the challenge of doing business in Africa.
  • We have a track record with existing portfolio companies in Africa that offer the localized support we need.
  • We present a wide range of vetted deals to investors.
  • We offer support to both the investee and the issuer to ensure a smooth investment process.
  • We only partner with reputable African Securities.





Arican Diaspora have played a critical role as a driving force of globalization in promoting cultural exchange, commerce, trade, learning and innovation. Yet despite this impressive track record of success, all too often investments in Africa have been regarded not as an opportunity but rather as a risky venture with little potential for return. Despite the on-going African Renaissance, opportunities are poorly understood among diaspora while others continue to reap enormous rewards. The consequences are apparent for all to see; growing inequality, short-term thinking, unsustainable business practices and brain drain. Africa Expert Forum is a unique network comprising Africa Diaspora and Friends of Africa that are entrepreneurs, business professionals, philanthropists and filmmakers committed to the development of Africans here at home and across the African continent. As a city-based platform currently active in both Toronto and New York it offers opportunities to its members to share critical information and experiences while developing innovative approaches to investment in Africa though support to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The Network hosts regular meetings, training and capacity building events, an annual conference and investment roadshows to some of the most dynamic investment destinations in Africa.



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