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OddSine Music

The visual representation of sound always assumes the form of what is called a "sine wave." While a sine wave always appears as a singular, repetitive oscillation, the totality of its form only emerges as the sum of multiple functions that are odd. Viewed from opposing perspectives, each odd function mirrors the others; yet, their unity in the wave is only possible inasmuch as their difference is sustained and repeated. OddSine was conceived from the desire to celebrate this enigmatic feature of a wave by affirming the differences that unify our sonic community. Bringing you artists in what can be broadly defined as "techno," our mission is to give voice to the most intelligent expressions of its multiple subdivisions (whether we refer to these as "industrial," "melodic," “progressive” or "minimal") by creating a space open to their infinite potentiality for hybridity, deviation, disassemblage, and reassemblage.

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