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Ontogony Evolution


Beyond an approach to psychology and spirituality, today Ontogony identifies several centres for learning – the newest in Vancouver – and an international community of students and seekers wanting to explore and develop their human potential, thus fostering a culture of enlightened consciousness.

Because the work embraces the depth, differences, and multi-cultural aspects of a great many traditions, Ontogony offers a variety of paths to anyone on a journey of multi-dimensional discovery.  The time is now for us to strive to find the universal models of spirituality!”

y Development ~ In the Ontogonic approach we recognizes that we are an open energy system that sustains and contributes to our well-being. In order to grow, transform, and evolve, however, we need to increase our level of energy to support that process. The practice of Chi Kung, a system of postures, meditations, and breathing techniques help to build and manage energy with significant results, as well as, improve our life force energy.

Clarity Techniques ~ In Ontogony, we understand clarity as the ability to create and interpret reality. When there is a lack of clarity, we engage in life from a place of ego and self-importance, often trapped by our own projections and karmic patterns. Ontogony offers Body-Mind and Transpersonal approaches, which support any spiritual path of development.

Conscious Observance ~ Developing our observer is essential in any spiritual practice. It is how the higher mind becomes aware of the Self, from the perspective of the personal to the collective. Ontogony offers many meditation practices from various spiritual traditions to evolve and expand the purity of our observer, and to increase our level of awareness and clarity.

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