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Papergirl is an inclusive, non-commercial art project that brings people together in celebration of art and community in an unconventional way: through the spirit of altruism.


In this annual project, artists of all ages and abilities are invited to donate their work to a non-juried exhibition.  Afterward, the artwork is rolled into bundles and is distributed by a team of cyclists (in the style of the American paperboy) to anyone they meet along specific bike routes around the lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada. 

We view this simple act as a significant performance, where the individual artworks become part of a larger community-engaged project. The gifting of art takes Papergirl participants and strangers outside of their everyday experience of the traditional market economy that identifies art consumers by socio-economic class and education. When an artist gives their work as a gift, they build a relationship with the recipient and with others affected by their creativity and this act of kindness. Papergirl brings art back to its identity as true creativity: a 'pure gift' that builds community through sharing. 

In 2012, the Vancouver Foundation came out with some solid research on the number one problem faced by Vancouverites:  one quarter of our population suffers from isolation and loneliness, and a majority of people complain on some level about the difficulty of meeting new people, and a lack of community. Papergirl Vancouver is taking steps to combat this problem by using art as a vehicle for social change.

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