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PGIB Edmonton

The Progressive Group for Independent Business (PGIB) was founded in 1992, in Burlington Ontario as a voice for small 'c' conservative business owners and individuals who were rapidly becoming economic refugees in their own country.

Since those days, the PGIB has grown substantially and continues to force issues of importance to the forefront of the political agenda.  Our national office is in Alberta and we also have representation throughout British Columbia and Ontario.

The organization has three main sides to it, as well as various benefits to membership.

Firstly,  the Progressive Group for Independent Business (PGIB) is an organization that lobbies for less government, lower taxes and political accountability at all levels of government. Some of our members get actively involved in promotion of our small 'c' conservative agenda through door knocking; phone calling; etc., during elections, however, most members do not take part in the political process and are not expected to, as they are busy trying to pay their bills, grow their business and spend time with their families. Yet, they do find it refreshing and comforting to know that we not only provide them with many tools to make more money, but also, are out there fighting on their behalf and are their defense when government is against them.

Secondly, we have organised Business Network Referral Clubs (BNRC) throughout Canada, which are a great opportunity to grow your business. This is not your 'downtown social club'.   Unlike any other networking-groups, we continually require our members to share contacts.   Its not "Do you have any referrals?"   Its "How many referrals do you have?"   Referral slips are given as receipts with copies for all concerned and a copy for the executive for monitoring purposes.   At the end of the meeting, when its time to exchange referrals, its amazing to see actual business transpire before your very eyes!

What makes PGIB Business Clubs unique, is our 8-week Organizational Review where we want to know if you've gotten business. If you haven't gotten business yet, rather than sweep it under the carpet, we let all the members know so that we can collectively work to tap into our warm markets and all get quality business for each other.

We also pay a $40 finders fee for members bringing in members.  

Also, the exclusivity in the referral clubs is a plus. By allowing only one person, per industry, per chapter, it guarantees that there will never be any competition to you within your chapter. Such diversity allows you different perspectives on how to improve your business.   No competition also means that you can and will form strategic alliances with different businesses in the club to create 'one-stop shopping'. We cap the membership in each club at 40 businesses, so there are numerous alliances that develop.   Imagine yourself in a boardroom with 20 - 30 new salespeople, that all work part-time for you.

The third side of our organization is called the Right Pages.   This directory is for members that choose to be listed (not all members do) on our website and it is designed to add even more value to an already invaluable membership in the PGIB.   It encourages our continually growing, ever expanding, extremely loyal member base to take advantage of the services you have to offer and rewards them via your discount offer.

The Right Pages is fast becoming the most popular and widely used directory as over 6,500 members are consistently looking at the site before they buy.   Whether its a haircut; meats; carpet cleaners; cars; accountants; taxi services; hotels; cell phones; gasoline; furniture; etc., people are looking amongst the membership before they buy, and I am hearing testimonials to this fact daily.

Not only will the Right Pages increase your business, even if you choose not to give a discount, but it will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.   Some discounts are up to a possible 25%, such as the Brick's offer to all PGIB members on furniture. If you choose a corporate membership or greater, your employees may also take advantage of all the great savings, offering a huge value-add to your benefits, free.

Check out our Benefits section of this site for more info at

Looking forward to seeing you on the membership list.

 **Edmonton website coming soon!

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