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Phoenix Gould

Phoenix Gould is a CTI and ICF certified professional personal and executive coach.

She leverages years of learning from the best coaches, and decades of training as a professional dancer, to help her clients develop deep emotional intelligence, courageous authenticity and a core that can’t be shaken by circumstances. Phoenix has guided both teams and individuals in achieving their vision. She is especially skilled when it comes to stage presence, self-mastery and radical self-love.

Phoenix creates learning from everything. She has a gift for finding the essence of what is keeping people from living their vision, and intuitively guides her clients to deeply experience who they are at the core. For clients willing to take this deep dive, it is a transformative encounter from which the next step to achieve their goal becomes clear. Phoenix has no fear of the darkest, most challenging places a client may need to explore to find their way forward.

In her spare time, she loves to travel the world, albeit with questionable navigation skills. She is equally terrified and fascinated with those challenges which stretch her out of her comfort zone. There is nothing that makes her feel more ecstatic or alive than overcoming those fears. She will never say “no” to dancing the Tango Argentino (nor any other dance for that matter). Phoenix lives in the middle of nowhere, where she can be found sitting with trees and walking the fields, or writing her book “Sacred Housekeeping”.