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PivotUP: Business Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs

PivotUP works with women entrepreneurs, founders and change makers to help streamline business strategy and marketing efforts. We help develop laser focused strategies for women business owners to eliminate the overwhelm, increase clarity and work with more intention, while delivering maximum profits.

More women are becoming entrepreneurs and leading businesses now than ever before. We want our strengths to be utilized, our work to be valued and our lives to be meaningful. The traditional business world was created by men, for men, resulting in a highly masculine environment of competition, assertiveness and a results-oriented culture. Historically, women have been taught that to succeed in a man’s world, she must leave her authentic self at home, resulting in feeling a lack of purpose, burnout, and often having a negative impact on her personal relationships.  

The business world is only beginning to understand that it is through less hustle and more flow that true success can be achieved. Authenticity, encouraged and supported by intuition, renewal, creativity and a supportive community of like-minded women leads to thriving businesses and thriving women entrepreneurs. PivotUP works with women in business, helping them recognize, access and strengthen their innate and authentic power, leading to greater success in business and stronger relationships at work and at home.

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