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Post Productions

Post Productions provides intimately-staged entertaining theatrical experiences that arouse the heart and fuel the mind, drawing patrons into lives quite unlike their own to help them understand the world, other people, and themselves with fresh insight. As a unique brand of theatre, Post Productions complements the Windsor-Essex scene by staging uniquely provocative productions for audiences that want more for their dollar: post-theatre, post-art, post-entertainment.

We commit to:
1. Hold auditions only for roles that have not been pre-cast

2. Treat every member of the cast, crew and audience as free agents with dignity and respect

3. Conduct all business affairs with honesty and integrity

4. Collaborate with other artists in Windsor-Essex to mutual benefit whenever possible

5. Focus on character and story over all other aspects of theatre

6. Cast only the best local acting talent

7. Contribute to a vibrant, thriving and diverse Windsor-Essex theatre community by supporting, patronizing, and encouraging other companies

8. Strive to push ourselves to improve and grow with each performance of each production

9. Work with each other, rather than over or under each other

10. Use theatre to challenge conventions, habits and assumptions by staging productions that leave audiences compelled to think, discuss, and debate long after the show ends

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