Prosper Germoh

Prosper Germoh is a multi- talented and multi-award winning Cameroon Gospel Musician blessing lives across the globe with Heavenly downloaded songs pointing the listeners to a lifestyle of discipleship full of love,zeal and passion for the work of God also having a loving heart for His country. He is a songwriter,Web designer,composer,and performer for decades now. He is the brain behind a powerful Gospel Music Record Label in Cameroon called,”GOSPEL REGISTER” which is helping African gospel musicians get heard and make a living from their music. He also is the CEO of a powerful music school in Cameroon called “Rhema Music School dedicated in raising music professionals to worship God in spirit and in truth.

Prosper Germoh is from North West Region Of Cameroon the last born of Six children to Mr and Mrs Tanchua Ngeh. He had His A/L at CCAS KUMBAalso holds a diploma in music from the Ministries of Arts And Culture Cameroon. Prosper Germoh is studing Physics and Maths Mecanics at University Of Douala and has been singing in church since 2010 just after He recieved Christ as Lord and Savor. He has lead many choirs and song groups amongst which include Full Gospel Mission, Ransom Worshipers and many other great music groups of spirit filled gospel singers that have a burning burden for soul winning and discipleship. By the grace

of God, his life and worship has found a place in a larger body of Christ.Through his worship ministry, revival that is already sweeping nations of the globe,engulfing the earth with the spirit of worship. He is no doubt an accomplished music minister,whose songs are filled with the divine presence of God,with great lyrical depth, inspiration and great message of hope for our generation.

Prosper Germoh has also ministered on the same platform with great inter-national Gospel singers across African countries. Since stepping into the gospel music podium,Prosper Germoh has been a blessing and source of help to many widows,Orphans and less privileged. His ministry has continued to carve a niche for itself by marking the beginning of a new worship trend in Africa with most of His songs like “Exalt Him,Dance In The Holy Ghost,Personne N’est Comme toi,Sing Aloud,Arise And Shine,T’adorer,and more widely used during praise/worship in many churches,programs and seminars across Africa.

He has two solid musical albums titled;

“Hour Of Glory” which is made up of six tracks and “The Unlimited God” made up of six tracks

He’s married to Zenobia Germoh GABTIWOH,who is also a another Cameroon gospel artist, music minister and they reside in Douala,Cameroon. He has ventured in many international Awards like the Gia TV Gospel Award, Super Gospel Award and many more. He is a revolutionary force,a worshiper,a praise singer and is known as a great music leader and director in praise/worship.

Prosper Germoh is playing out the script of his life with a huge unusual dose of Gods power and presence and has been featured at conferences and music festivals, truly practices what he sings and

preaches having a prayer cell group called “The Ransom Prayer Cell” located at Grand

Mollen,Douala,Cameroon that holds every Mondays from 6pm Cameroon time. Prosper

Germoh brings God’s presence to any event and has become a brand,a model and image of

hope and inspiration,raising a bunch of radical Gospel Star.

He is also the the communication manager of CIFECPED, a great platform for family education

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