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Pursuit Volley

As a sports enthusiast, volleyball aficionado, and an out-of-the-box thinker, Pursuit Volley is a labour of love for Ken McLaughlin.

After several years spent studying and working towards a career as a teacher, Ken made the bold choice to break free from a safe, predictable career path to pursue his love of sport and athletics. His commitment to supporting young athletes and unwavering devotion to volleyball all played an integral role in his taking a leap of faith and starting Pursuit Volley. Ken’s history with volleyball dates back to his youth as a player in grade school, clubs, and beyond, which later led to his work as an Assistant Volleyball Coach for Lethbridge College, MacEwan University and, eventually setting up Pursuit Volley in 2014 to unify his entrepreneurial drive and his love for the game, with the vision of contributing to elevating volleyball and athletics in Canada.

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