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Always attuned to the unexplained, supernatural and ethereal, Sheena was unknowingly tapping into her ancestral knowledge before she even realized what was happening. Gone are the days when she used to be teased by her family about visiting her "friends" at the local cemetery - they now call to discuss their dreams and visions.

Sheena Ewan is a Toronto based Reiki Master, intuitive astrology guide, tarot reader, spiritual mentor, writer, healer and the founder of Raw Redemption and co-founder of Roots Movement Retreats - a self care retreat for those needing to immerse themselves in self healing. She is currently studying for her Canadian Astrologer certification.

Through her own trial and error process of trusting in her talents, individuals seem to naturally gravitate to Sheena’s light, her “zen vibe” and quiet determination for soul guidance.


A healthy survivor of childhood trauma, Sheena is passionate about empowering others through phases of transition and helping to hold space, light and healing to those who are experiencing various challenges.

Sheena offers corporate Reiki and/or morning meditation packages, astrology readings, mentorship, healing products and healing work for those who are ready to take their healing into their own hands.


Visit her new website at

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