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Reiki Resonance

Karen Neuls, Spiritual Teacher and Healer has a huge passion for helping others.  She helps bring self-awareness to your body, mind and soul to help you heal from within.  She is very connected to the Divine Feminine and the Angelic Realm and has much ancient wisdom to share with the world.  As she is following her passion and love, having the courage to pull the sword from the stone, she is an amazing guide to help you along your path, helping you open doors to new opportunities, new beginnings and most importantly more love. Karen works very strongly with Archangel Michael Archangel Gabriel, Joan of Arc and the Christ Light. Your journey waits before you, and all you have to do is say Yes. 


Karen has gone through many initiations and lessons along her own yellow brick road, finding the wisdom, love and courage to continue walking in the light, healing her soul contracts and reaching beyond the limits and conditions, beyond the veil, believing and seeing that you can fly above that rainbow with the bluebirds, knowing and trusting deep in her heart of the full support of the universe.  By loving our own hearts,  all hearts are loved.


It is a true blessing to be of service to you.


Many Blessings,


Karen Neuls


Reiki Resonance


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