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Restorative Justice Victoria

Restorative Justice Victoria (legal name Victoria Restorative Justice Society) is a non-profit, community-based organization that facilitates dialogues in the aftermath of crimes that occur in the City of Victoria, Oak Bay, and Esquimalt.

In a nutshell: When appropriate and safe, we bring together victims, offenders and relevant community members who voluntarily want to discuss the offence, who it affected and how, and in what ways the offender can make amends and address the root causes of the crime. Participation is voluntary for everyone, and parties help design the process (which may include indirect communication, or no communication at all; victims are invited to participate, but it is not mandatory. We can also do victim healing circles without offenders). We are victim-centred and address the need for participation, accountability, results, healing and closure. Dialogues can occur at any point after an offence occurs, and can be done in conjunction with court.

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