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Presently Rickey’s energy and talents are dedicated to providing Montreal with the best value for their entertainment dollars. Rickey proves, on a continual basis, that the entertainment industry needs independent promoters more than ever. There is still a place in the market for those entrepreneurs who can spot good talent and are trusted within their communities to put on a good show! Rickey D Events would like to thank the following for all of their past and continued support: Gary T, Wyland Ent, B.M. Maz, Billy Markos, Nick F., Paget T., Greenland, Evenko, Sebastien and Stephane Peju (Escape Entertainment), Perry (Good Friday Ent), Olympia, Club Soda, Belmont, Butcher T, Malik Shaheed, Stretch, Don Smooth, Majess, Tuff, Ace & Silk, Moschino, Kwite Sane, Mike Mission, Ken Dawg, Technical,  Mehdi & Harry, Bassmint…

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