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Sanad Collective

Sanad. The word has two meanings: “support” and “link.” As a support, we are here for you to lean on - because, as the song says, we all need somebody to lean on. On our spiritual journeys, this is especially important.
As a link, we are here to connect our local community to the tradition that spans over 1500 years back to Apostle of God, peace be upon him, and to all the Prophets before him including Prophet Jesus, Prophet Moses, Prophet Noah, and all the People of God.
Together, when we support each other, we become community; when we connect ourselves to the rich heritage of our tradition, we become part of a great chain of light and guidance.
In Ottawa, we gather at the Rhoda Institute. Rhoda means Rose Garden...a place to grow together. Come, let’s plant the tree of good qualities in the garden of our hearts and nurture a beautiful garden of goodness, all of us.

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