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Thrive with TEP (Transformational Energetic Practices) is currenty offering workshops on how to manage, overcome, master or cope with test and exam anxiety.   Parent and teachers who take the workshops are trained to use empowerment strategies which they can in turn teach and use with those in their care who face test and exam anxiety. Other workshops are directed towards senior high school, college and university students to learn the strategies for their own personal empowerment.   TEP contends that while exam anxiety is prevalent, it is ignored. Until now, few strategies have been available for teachers, parents and students to use when this stress arises.  TEP believes that the latest findings of not only neuroscience and the brain/body connection, but also that of Energy Psychology has led the way to an understanding of natural easy-to-use strategies to combat the anxiety that arises at exam time.  Learn to counter the involuntary physical response to worry and fear with voluntary action and thought.  


Please feel free to contact Fran Burke at (416) 817-2861 or should you have any questions for Thrive withTEP


Fran Burke, M.Ed. with 24 years experience as secondary school teacher/counsellor is author of the upcoming book, HOW TO END EXAM ANXIETY, THE ULTIMATE APPROACH, for Parents, Teachers and Students.  She is a Brain/Body Integration Specialist and an Emotional Success Coach.  

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