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Shamaya Tantra

 Heidi began a yoga practice at the age of 18 and first heard the whispers of a Tantric calling years before discovering a language for it. Following her formal introduction to Tantric sadhana in 2012 with Agama Yoga, her life has been primarily dedicated to the discovery of the inner self and raising of consciousness.  This initially took the form of a 3 year sabbatical, where she immersed herself in a range of schools, teachers, wisdom traditions, and ashrams to glean a wide and unifying perspective on Tantra. Her corporate beginnings as a Chartered Professional Accountant infuse an additional sense of grounded-ness into her deeply rooted spirituality and an important part of her life’s mission is to act as a bridge between the spiritual and the material arenas. Heidi’s teachings reflect the uprising of Tantra as a spiritual path for people of the world (vs those with vows to a renunciate, monastic lifestyle) presenting a very grounded form of Tantra that is easily integrated into everyday life.   Her approach is a pragmatic synthesis of her total life’s work including elements of Hatha Yoga, Classical Indian Tantra Toaist Tantra, Neo-Tantra, Osho style body awareness practices, Energy work and Shadow Work.  She is single mindedly dedicated to reminding people of their own inherent divine nature.

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