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Shelagh Donnelly, Exceptional EA

When you invest in Shelagh's webinars, you're investing in quality and in yourself. You can trust Shelagh (pronounced "Sheila") to speak realistically about career challenges and opportunities, while retaining a sense of humour. She's someone to whom you can entrust the job of challenging and encouraging you as you make your way forward in your career.

Shelagh trains and coaches people who are focused on career fulfillment and want to be on top of their game. Her presentations are grounded in decades of successful experience and current best practices. She works with conference organisers, professional associations, government, higher education and businesses bodies, including corporations such as the NBA.

Shelagh is authentic, pragmatic and positive. A recognised thought leader who has been publishing her Exceptional EA website since 2013, she also writes for other publications. Shelagh invests time and care in staying attuned to developments in cybersecurity, governance and business. She pays attention in order to bring you insights that will impact the way wise assistants will want to approach everything from digital practices to business acumen to how you add value to (and impact) your employer.

While she's been speaking and writing full time since 2019, Shelagh remains attuned to the realities of assistants' careers. She's interviewed assistants from 25 countries to date for her Real Careers series, and her Weekend Polls give assistants the opportunity to share career insights and experiences.