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Smile Inside Out Consulting

Kryssie Thomson is the founder of Smile Inside Out Consulting.

As an Inner Smile Coach who specializes in Workplace Environment Solutions. My goal and priorities are to help create effective employee engagement with a happy work environment.

I started Smile Inside Out Consulting in 2012 to help individuals find their inner smile, their happiness, and their success in their professional lives. It is my passion to work with organizations to find and create solutions to evolve, grow and drive productivity and results through mindfulness techniques all the while keeping it practical.

How about creating an environment where employee engagement is higher than ever before?

I am not your average joe blow trainer, consultant or coach who sugar coats and creates a blanket effect. Every engagement is customized to fit the culture of the organization. 

The idea of Smile Inside Out is approaching things with a beginners mind, one that is open to the shifts in mindset and the possibility of solutions from an outside source. 

Applying this idea to the workplace, I will start with the mindset, personal accountability at the same time drive home the quality of the bottom line results.

My success has been understanding emotional intelligence and my continuing passion for brain science in human behavior, plus I truly care. 

I realize the importance of wanting to love what you do. When a workplace has a negative environment, the moral, communication, and quality of the company 's mission statement declines and it will not move a company forward easily. Effective at creating a positive work environment and building relations at all levels within the organization. Who doesn't want that?

Combined with creating a workplace environment to be proud of and the skills to work one on one with a team, you can be assured your team, your workplace and definitely your culture will be at a new level of success.  

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