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Sonic Expressions is a social enterprise with a holistic, integrative approach to health and well-being. We offer innovative educational and therapeutic sound services to improve cognitive and physical wellness.


Sonic Expressions works within the educational, health and wellness, public and private sectors to reduce stress and increase vitality for those in and serving these communities. We educate people on how to use the power of sound and movement to consciously create more balanced, peaceful environments, conducive to relaxation, and productivity.


Our Sound Health Events are unique, meditative sonic experiences specially tailored to help you relax and recharge your mind and body. Become immersed in the therapeutic and harmonious sounds of the crystal singing bowls, chimes, handpan, and wind gong, as you ease tension and rejuvenate your spirit. Learn how to use the power of sound to attain higher states of awareness and well-being, that carries into everyday life.


Integrative Movement Experiences are a progressive way to use sound to enhance the health of your body and mind. The IME provides a safe environment to move freely, dance, stretch, meditate and relax, while experiencing a dynamic live soundscape of rhythms, tones and tempos.  This service has been specifically developed to reduce stress and increase vitality and wellness. 


The Sound Birth Workshop is a holistic approach to preparing for childbirth. We focus on preparing women emotionally, mentally and physically to have a healthy and empowered pregnancy, birth and postpartum.


In addition, we offer unique, handcrafted sound talismans, jewellery and instruments made of antler and other natural materials, designed to give the bearer a sonic tool for awareness and well-being, which can be of benefit in any situation. 


At Sonic Expressions, we believe that all life is enriched through the conscious use of sound. Sound is an immensely powerful tool for improving health and wellness, and we aim to share how the power of sound can enhance every experience.

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