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St. Aloysius Catholic Church, Kitchener

Welcome to St. Aloysius Catholic Church! We are located in Kitchener, Ontario.

St. Aloysius is part of the Diocese of Hamilton and was founded in 1953 in Kitchener's Southeast. This vibrant Parish Community serves 3 Elementary Schools, 1 High School, 4 Seniors Homes, Hospitals, and serves the Community at large through a weekly Food Pantry. The Pantry is currently closed due to Covid-19 Health Regulations. We would love to see you! We are currently offering Masses at reduced capacity to allow for physical distancing. Registration is FREE and is first come first served. Masks must be worn, and everyone must do Covid-19 self-screening prior to arrival. Please visit our website for more details about our Parish and Covid-19 guidelines in our Church and Parish Office.

Sorry, there are no upcoming events