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St. John's College Students' Association

Welcome to the Community Outreach Team of St. John's College at the University of Manitoba!

The mission of this team and members of student government, is to create opportunities to serve our local community, right here in Winnipeg. Since 1866, we continue to work to bring you fun events that will entertain or challenge you while actively contributing to local charities.

St John’s College is a small college situated on the north perimeter of the University of Manitoba’s Fort Garry campus. We at St John's College focus on fostering a community among our students, offering a number of added services to enhance their education at the University of Manitoba. St John’s College is governed by its own Council and Assembly, but in all academic matters other than the Theology program, the College is subject to the regulations of the Senate of the University of Manitoba.

St John’s College invites any student who has been accepted by a faculty or school of the University of Manitoba to become a member of the College. College members receive their degrees from the U of M, and enjoy complete access to all courses, services and facilities of both the University of Manitoba and St John’s College.

  • Benefits of membership

- Participation in the academic community of one of the oldest educational institutions in Western Canada

- The opportunity to meet other students in a smaller community within the larger campus

- Eligibility for College scholarships, bursaries, prizes and awards

- Academic advising and registration assistance, on request, from the Registrar

- Access to a computer lab, lockers and study facilities (including study carrels)

- The opportunity to participate in intramural sports and social events

- Access to a Chapel community

-10% discount on all purchases in the Daily Bread Café & espresso 101

- The opportunity to live in the College’s residence

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