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STGP - Small Town Girl Promotions

Formerly known as Small Town Girl Promotions, STGP is passionate about helping small- to medium-sized business owners define their online identity and reach specific social media goals, while taking an item off their very full to-do lists.

Social media and online marketing, when done well, can save businesses on advertising costs and assist in generating new customers. It can build a positive relationship between the business and the community, and that relationship then leads to more support from the community. This is a wonderful thing to see!

Offering collaborative social media content marketing services to small and medium-sized businesses in Central Alberta for over 3 years, STGP has quickly become known as the local expert in social media and online marketing for local businesses. We pride ourselves in offering quality service by keeping up-to-date with the latest changes to social media platforms, offering a collaborative approach, using emotionally evoking imagery, and creating powerful copy for all our posts.

We work together wholeheartedly as a team, using a collaborative approach together with business owners and entrepreneurs. You know your business best - we know social media and online advertising, and together we can do great things! Our team brings many diverse strengths to the table, forged from a variety of backgrounds, skills, and education. We complement each other as we work to create original and authentic content for each unique client, with the goal of connecting them to new audiences and strengthening their relationships with existing clients.

From logo design to website design & SEO, from photography to copywriting, we hope that you find what you're looking for and at a price that doesn't break the bank! We love small business owners and helping to take things off their huge TO DO lists!