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Strategic Play Group Ltd.

The Strategic Play® Group Limited is a registered Canadian Company owned by Lloyd Smith Solutions.  And lucky us, our head office is located in the resort town of Whistler British Columbia Canada. 

That's right we are a privately held company started by really nice Canadians with friendly licensed partners all over the world. 

And the name Strategic Play®? Just so you know, that’s a registered trademark.  

Sometimes we work directly and collaborate with the LEGO® Systems Group and consult with them from time to time. But we are a completely separate company. We are truly honored to be friends and goodwill ambassadors to the LEGO® Group, and specifically to the LEGO® Foundation.  We recognize and continue to learn from the incredible work they are doing globally as they spread the word that we all learn through play, and it's a lifelong process.

Our licensed trainers offer all the same training, developed and supervised by one of the original Master Trainers in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods for the LEGO® Systems Group, Jacqueline Lloyd Smith. Our training is offered globally by amazing facilitator-trainers who speak the local language and understand the regions business culture.

And, we are proud to say that we also have a seasoned curriculum designer on our team so all our training is brain-friendly and offered to the highest standards.