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SueMarie Crawford, M.P.C., Leadership & Life Mastery Maven, Speaker, Coach, Consultant,Trainer

Hello...I am SueMarie Crawford, a heart based Coach, Clinical Counselor and Leadership & Life Mastery Maven with over two decades of extensive personal and professional development with thousands of hours under my belt! Hence, I have created my signature Leadership & Life Mastery Live Events that fast track results, along with other training seminars and I still offer limited coaching!

Yes, I have recently made the wise choice to retire my counseling private practice to serve the masses, given my extraordinary history with counseling and coaching individuals and couples, gain a wide array of results they sought, and in relatively short order from late 2012 when I started adding the Brain Science I was learning from many of the top renown MD’s, Psychologists, and Neuroscientists in the field.

Life does not have to be as hard as we often times make it. Having a Personal Master Plan (PMP) to set   an... Unshakable Rock Solid Foundation, coupled with the skills and practices that not only serve you well, in creating the results you say you want, regardless of feelings, circumstances, or other people, but also have the ability to actually rewire the brain with positive neuropathways for Health & Wellbeing, Self & Relational Mastery, Business Success, and general Peace & Happiness in virtually all areas of life!

Taking Responsibility to....

      Master Yourself and you..Master your Practice! And...Your Life!


Personal Leadership Mastery is KEY!

You simply cannot Lead your family, your business, or others effectively, or with much success, if you do not Lead yourself well, and On Purpose! Not chance! It does not happen automatically! Too much gets in the way...if we allow it. This takes some self discovery efforts and easily learning how your brain, body, and nervous system works, that pay High Dividends! The Greatest Investment you could ever make is in Yourself!


No longer will negative past experiences run you automatically, nor the many stresses of everyday life...and even “busy” causes “stress responses” in the brain and body, and you end up paying prices you do not want to pay in so many ways, as do those around you. Instead...

You build resilience, have greater productivity, create win/win in all you do, you are happier, make wise decisions, build character which is of tremendous value to all your relationships (life is all about relationships), including and especially your relationship with YOU.... because, where ever you go...there you are! Stop shooting yourself in the foot or getting “Hit and Miss Results. There is a much better and simpler way when you choose to take charge of your life!

These are only but a few of the many benefits of investing in yourself, as an ongoing life choice, to gain maximum results in your Business or Practice, Your Family, and your entire Life!


A Life On Purpose is...A Life at Peace...Mind Body Soul & Spirit!

And a Life at Peace is a beautiful thing!   


Kindly, SueMarie

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