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Sukhdev Benning

I used to often feel unseen, overlooked, misunderstood, I used to feel like I never really had a voice, and overall felt trapped in my life. Doing things I thought I had to do. After a WAKE UP moment, I realized I was indeed the creator of my misery.

Which was the realization that you are powerful beyond measure, it’s really a question of how much of it are you willing to own, and embody. This was so scary for me, because I had so many belief systems that I could never be who I knew I was deep down. But I needed to accept these sides of myself, taking responsibility for my life, and for my actions. It is about taking back all your power, and no longer blaming your circumstances, or individuals for your downfall, but rather owning to the fact that it is your life, and you always have a choice. No matter what injustice may occur upon you, you can overcome it, and choose love. 

I am here to educate and inspire individuals about what it means to truly feel alive. That this “aliveness” is really a state of being that you can access at any moment. And it is within this space that a level of passion, effortlessness & joy resides. I’ve always been gifted at seeing, hearing, and truly understanding a person. Seeing them in their rawest potential, underneath all the things you were told to be, underneath all the pain and the victories, there is a core you, who is undeniable in uniqueness, and possesses a tremendous amount of confidence. It’s about being who you know you are. 

This is the process I take you on, in discovering your flow, its peeling back the onion and tapping into the source of your spirit. And then unleashing that into the world. 

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