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Tammy K. Dodd

Tammy is a professional Medium and Channeler who's journey began through the simple practice of Meditation.

She maintained that nightly meditation for 17+ years and it allowed her to truly integrate the physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual and transcendental layers of consciousness within all of us. That awakened the awareness, wisdom, and abilities within each of those layers and she began working as an intuitive at the psychic fairs throughout Western Canada in the 90's. As her abilities evolved she realized she could access, maintain, and communicate with people who are back in their spiritual expression and began working as a professional medium. Still committed to her growth and spiritual awakening, she still meditated...experiencing transcendental consciousness three times and become the direct channeler of The Council.

Tammy has now taught and presented at spiritual conferences for over 20+ years, guested on radio programs throughout the US, is a published author, and works with a large array of clients and students worldside.

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