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T&O Innovation

At RBC, we’re serious about innovation. We don’t want to just talk about it or make plans for it – we actively seek out and implement new and innovative approaches for every aspect of our business.

We introduced the RBC Next Great Innovator Challenge in 2006 as a way for us to put our ideals into action; today, it continues to be a way for us to tap into one of the greatest innovation resources this country has to offer – our students. Each year, we’ve asked post-secondary students from across Canada to answer a real-world business challenge and through that process have met some of the most creative, cutting-edge and inventive young people – with ideas that have the potential to shape and shift the future of financial services in Canada.

Through the Next Great Innovator Campaign, we’re living innovation, and putting into practice the principles of teamwork, idea creation, and constant progress.

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