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Benjamin Franklin once quoted, " Most men die at age twenty - five, but we just don't get around to burying them until they are seventy - five." Most people, in some point in their lives stopped living a fulfilled life. They became a living dead. They forgot who they were. No hopes, no goals, no dreams. People are just happy and contented to just get by, or to just survive.

We at Prosper.us2018, believe that each of us has a seed of hope within us that is just waiting to be nourished. We believe that in our microwave society, where every one wants something to happen in an instant, there are still driven and hardworking people who are searching for opportunities that could change their lives and make an impact to the lives of others. 

This is why, we are creating events for those people who still believe that dreams do come true. We are here to educate, teach and support future leaders until they reach their maximum potentials.