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The Afternoon Mom

The Afternoon Mom was created by, me, Heather, a mom who just couldn't get her sh*t together before noon! The Afternoon Mom would sign up for events and activities in the morning only to be stressed out of her mind and be overwhelmed, usually regretting her decision of signing up! But I realized there isn’t enough happening in the afternoons, so many amazing programs happen only in the morning. After a tiring night, I found myself often wandering the mall lonely because that is all there is to do! 

 Who wants that in their life? NO NEW MOM! And we hear time after time that you have to do what works for you and the babe! But honestly I wanted to be involved, I had this amazing vision of mat leave connecting with all the other amazing moms I knew who were pregnant during the same time and thought we would get together ALL THE TIME! But realistically, it’s not true! Everyone is on different schedules some moms have their sh*t together, others not so much, some babies are amazing in public, others not so much, some babies do what you want or need them to do while you are out, others not so much or personally it’s whatever time suits you, is the best time.

 Whatever you are feeling, I can guarantee you another mom out there has felt! So I wanted to create an amazing space for you! Somewhere you can connect and socialize with the amazing moms and babes that are out there!

Enjoy planned organized events, both free and paid, and tailored to your needs! We look forward to meeting so many amazing moms and babes!

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