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Daniel Flear, quickly becoming known as The Anxiety Whisperer is introducing a paradigm that is daring but is the truth…

He has been on a road to educate, enlighten, and change people’s perspectives on emotions. Point Blank: They simply aren’t us. He has been on this journey for many years and has touched many people’s lives. Daniel’s mission is to introduce the new paradigm that emotions are not us, and he can prove it every time through his very effective technique called The F.I.X. Code Technique. Once this paradigm is accepted it will change how we understand emotions and how living free of them will free us to live our best life.

Since 1988 Daniel has studied traditional therapies, combining his credentials as a Master Hypnotherapist, a Master of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming),  and having an in depth understanding of Quantum Physics, coupled with having a near death, blue light experience that removed all negative emotions from his unconscious mind and physical body a new technique was born, in which he calls The F.I.X. Code Technique F-Flear I-Intuitive X-eXtraction  His belief that negative emotions can be completely removed from a person’s life without affecting the memory or event it has attached itself to. He is living proof of this every day, as he is present, without any negative emotions running him.

Daniel had a beautiful journey and experience that allowed him to download information that enables him to help people rid themselves of negative emotions. After 25 years of studying the human response to emotions he has developed a very effective technique called The F.I.X. Code Technique
He understands and can intricately explain what emotions are and how they work inside of the human body.

Emotions are NOT us

If you choose to believe this new paradigm it will change your life forever.

Daniel can prove this every time through this technique. He understands what emotions are and how they work. What he would like to introduce is a new point of view.
What he has learned is mind blowing but it is the truth. So it is time he starts sharing
His life’s purpose is to teach you how to learn his effective technique so you can be present.

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