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Welcome to your Arts and Crafts Hub, Where All Ages Celebrate Daily Gifts of Creativity! Our staff members are a diverse group of individuals with a wide range of skills and expertise. Our goal is to make a difference in your life and those around you.
The Greenwood Hub brings choice to diverse fun family shared environments as this is an Arts and Crafts program-on-wheels which can easily reach you at your location! (We go to you, to your place). Workshops are designed to provide creative opportunities for anyone who wants to learn new skills and be energized and inspired. We have dedicated and talented facilitators. Participants of varied experience levels, ages, and backgrounds work side-by-side, exchanging ideas and techniques or we offer one-to-one classes.
Workshops are open to all skill levels unless indicated otherwise in a workshop description. Group Workshops are generally 4-6 participants of varying experiences and age but with a common goal of working hard, learning new skills, being creative and having fun! We offer great discounts for these groups as well!
Our services vary in Arts and Crafts workshops such as Paper crafts including Giant flowers, Card-making, Paper Weaving, Scrap-booking Lessons, Paper Quilling, the art of rolling paper strips,, Jewelry Labs introducing nature-themed Jewelry with Wire and Beads, Metal Embossing in Pewter, Aluminum, Aluminum tape and Tin Foil, Art Journaling and Decoupage. You can choose from all kinds of workshop choices! When registering for a workshop, or a one-to-one lesson, participants will work with “The Greenwood Hub” tools, and equipment, materials will be provided by “the Greenwood Hub” as well.
Participants should be aware that in many workshops they may be working with tools and equipment which, if improperly or carelessly used, can cause injury. Take into consideration that the facilitators will not be responsible for injuries received by participants as a result of the improper or careless use of the tools and equipment. All workshops will include a safety review to inform everyone about the proper use of tools and equipment in the workshop location.
The Greenwood Hub is also a program-on-wheels for after work or school, for you to catch up on a recreational skills session, or ask about our special events which can also be catered such as Children birthday parties, Wine and paint night, Community Senior groups, and more!
The Greenwood Hub is a program where everyone is welcome! People with all sorts of abilities will enjoy the creativity offered, and there are resources available to support workers and recreational leaders too.
“Our Hub might be our workplace, but this Hub is in fact your home.” - Silvia Pinto (Founder)
Book a session with us on our page under services on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail at

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