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The Innovative Financier

About The Innovative Financier

The Innovative Financier is an information hub at the nexus of Finance, Investment & Innovation. We are a not-for-profit group, avant-gardist and committed to helping educate, connect and empower individuals and businesses in the Finance industry looking to understand or keep up with innovative technologies such as Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, AI, IOT, Robo-advisory, AR/VR, to list a few...

We are inherently aware that the advent of new and disruptive technologies spark as much fear as admiration steeming from worries such as job loss, loss of business competitivity and legitimate FOMO (Fear of Missing out).

With that in mind, we created this platform that enables the community of financiers to understand the impact of these technologies (before, while or after they occur) on the world of Investment and Finance including retail, private and institutional portfolio diversification, alternative investments, middle office, operational processes, jobs and more…

Through the various events that we organize, we foster an information hub where industry practitioners share valuable information on the latest technologies and their impact on the Finance industry, and where individuals and businesses can network and connect with each other.

Our events attract entrepreneurs, developers, investment & finance professionals, investment decision makers such as Portfolio managers, CFO, and other executives, students interested in an investment, finance and tech career, investors (crypto and traditional), traders, Fintech enthusiasts...

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